Los Angeles was bidding for the Summer Olympic Games. With numerous venues already in existence, we had to prove LA could be ready to host the games today. So we made a VR film that virtually transported Olympic Committee Members from a presentation in Switzerland, all the way to UCLA, the site of the future athletes' village.

Watch the 360 film below. Or, for the full effect, view it through a VR headset on this app.


Through this project, I learned how to write and direct a narrative for a virtual world. Other major highlights included: shooting with a custom VR camera that looked like Wall-E, using a custom VR drone that required the skills of an Air Force pilot, and feeling like a total nerd while wearing a VR headset in the edit, for three weeks straight. 

Big thanks to: 
Group Creative Director, Gui Borchert
Creative Director, Sean Matthews  
Creative Director, JC Abbruzzi
Designer / Art Director, Laura Beck
Producer, Ruben Barton