I helped launch the digital portion of Tillamook's "Un-American Cheese" campaign. The problem: fake "processed cheese product" a.k.a. "American Cheese" was tarnishing our nation's name. Our solution: we helped Tillamook — the brand behind Dairy Done Right — petition to remove America's name from processed cheese product (on the eve of America's birthday, no less). 

Why should a processed “cheese product” bear our country’s name? This #4thOfJuly, choose real, Tillamook Cheddar Slices....

Posted by Tillamook on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tillamook let me fly my writerly freak flag by tweeting personalized, virtual cards that either thanked people for their support or implored them to
get involved. 

Be a noble citizen and click through the rest of the Twitter cards below. 

One guy was so moved by the "Un-American Cheese" campaign, he called out Kraft. We obviously had to recognize him. 

Now grab a tissue and turn up the volume. 

Listen to why “American Cheese” is Un-American (just try not to weep like our eagle). This #4thOfJuly, only choose real,...

Posted by Tillamook on Monday, June 29, 2015

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